Since 2016, NPGC "Arnika" has been implementing an INVESTMENT PROJECT to create high-tech production facilities "KORMBIOSYNTEZ" and "PHARMASYNTEZ" for five groups of import-substituting products:

  • feed amino acids
  • vitamins
  • probiotics
  • proteins
  • veterinary antibiotics biotechnological synthesis and products based on them

The projects are implemented with the support of the Russian Federation Government (subsidies and tax preferences) in the Nadezhdinskaya PDA, Far Eastern Federal District on the area of about 40,000 m2, leased for 69 years, with the subsequent possibility of re-registration as property.


  • 806 hectares 
  • 32 km from Vladivostok
  • More than 7,000 new jobs

The main goal of the project: Creation of science-intensive high-tech resource-saving and environmentally friendly biotechnological production facilities KORMBIOSINTEZ and PHARMASINTEZ in the Far Eastern Federal District. These facilities will produce import-substituting feed and veterinary products through biotechnological processing of low-grade vegetable agricultural raw materials for the development of the Russian Federation feed base.

During the implementation of the project, the following were created:

  • Production facilities with an area of approx. 10000 sq.m.
  • R&D (scientific) center with laboratories approx. 1500 sq.m.
  • Administrative premises approx. 3500 sq.m.
  • Warehouse capacity approx. 4000 sq.m.

The project of ARNIKA LLC in the Nadezhdinskaya PDA "KORMBIOSYNTEZ" and "PHARMASYNTEZ" was presented at the presentation site of the III Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok among the most promising investment projects of the Far Eastern Federal District in the field of agriculture, selected by the Ministry for the Development of the Far East out of 250 announced investment projects at EEF-2017.

The Russian Export Center (REC) will take part in the commissioning of the Pharmasintez plant for the production of feed additives, amino acids, vitamins, probiotics and proteins. The corresponding agreement within the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum 2019 was signed by REC Managing Director for Client Work Maxim Kobin and General Director of the Far Eastern company Arnika Lyudmila Tekutyeva.

 "The company's products are already in demand in the markets of more than 30 foreign countries, this project has also a high export potential. We are ready to offer a full range of financial and non-financial support measures, as well as use our foreign infrastructure to promote these products" said Kobin after the signing.

Sberbank has signed a cooperation agreement with Arnika LLC within the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF). The document was signed by Vladimir Sitnov, Senior Vice President of Sberbank, and Lyudmila Tekutyeva, General Director of Arnika LLC.

The subject of the signed agreement is the further development of strategic cooperation between the Bank and the company in order to implement new projects for the agro-industrial complex of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Sitnov, Senior Vice President of Sberbank:
"Today, we have agreed with the company on cooperation and exchange of experience in the field of investment banking and personnel policy. Our cooperation will definitely benefit the company's employees, as we will, among other things, organize and conduct internships for the company's employees in the bank's structural divisions, as well as assist in the development and implementation of a system for evaluating and involving staff."

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