Scientific and Manufacturing Group of Companies "ARNIKA"


Import from Europe of technological equipment and food ingredients for meat processing industry was started.


The new technological line for production of ham at JSC "Meat Processing Plant Nakhodkinskiy" was delivered and started.


The large complex delivery of equipment and launching the Russian Far East largest meat processing plant, RATIMIR LLC.


Its own training and production workshop ARNIKA-PISTCHEVIYE PRODUKTI LLC was launched. Import from Europe and America of equipment, ingredients and consumables for Primorskiy region, Sakhalin, Kamchatka, Khabarovskiy region, Amurskaya region, Tchitinskaya region and Irkutskaya region was established.


The trade branch offices in Moscow, Irkutsk and Khabarovsk was established. 

Start of equipment and food ingredients deliveries from manufacturers of South Korea and China.


Wholesale supply of ingredients for agricultural compound feed (concentrated feed, feed additives, vitamins and enzymes) was started.


ARNIKA-HOLDING LTD occupies a leading position in the Russian market of feed additives supply.


"ARNIKA" LTD won the VI stage of the competition (PP RF No. 218) for provision of State subsidy in 2016-2018.

Research, development and design work began within the framework of the Investment project to create high-tech productions "KORMBIOSYNTEZ" and "PHARMASYNTEZ" of five groups of import-substituting products: feed amino acids, vitamins, probiotics and proteins, veterinary antibiotics of biotechnological synthesis and products based on them.


Arnika Ltd officially received the status of a PDA Nadezhdinskaya resident.


Creation of R&D-CENTER, the first world-class research and development center in the Far East, which became a part of the innovative infrastructures cluster of Scientific and Manufacturing Group of Companies “Arnika”.


Arnika-Holding Ltd began implementation of the new complex investment project "AGROBIOECONOMIC CLUSTER" of high-tech productions in PDA Nadezhdinskaya.


Arnika-Holding Ltd officially received the status of a PDA Nadezhdinskaya resident.


LAUNCH of high-tech production "KORMBIOSINTEZ", start of series production.


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